Reverse shoulder replacement

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

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Once the natural position of the shoulder reversed and it gets hard to indulge into daily routine activity, Then the surgery becomes recommended.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement procedure:

Reverse Shoulder Replacement includes shoulder surgery surgeon to remove the damaged parts of the shoulder and replace them with artificial parts.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement procedure surgery experience is very similar to that of a total shoulder replacement with a few modifications. Shoulder motion begins the day after surgery depends upon how well the base plate and ball are fixed to the socket by the screws.

Why to consider reverse shoulder replacement surgery and How to determine if you are a fit candidate for Reverse Shoulder Replacement surgery:

  • The main reason to consider a reverse prosthesis is when there is arthritis of the shoulder joint and the rotator cuff tendons are torn.
  • Another main reason for why you should consider getting the replacement done if one cannot lift the arm high enough to function.
  • Inability to lift the arm is very disrupting to the ability to function in life that is when you can consider getting the replacement done.
  • People usually get it done because they want to regain motion and function in their arm.

What results to expect from reverse total shoulder replacement?

  • The procedure is said to be the best procedure for excellent pain relief.
  • Reverse shoulder replacement surgery improves the mechanics of the shoulder.
  • Reversing the position of the ball and socket in reverse compensates for the loss of the rotator cuff and it becomes easy for motion.

How long the surgery lasts?

Best Reverse shoulder replacement Treatment in Jayanagar-A reverse total shoulder replacement will typically last 10 to 15 years depending upon the amount of previous damage to the shoulder and depending on the recovery and medication.

Here are the few FAQ’s about Shoulder Replacement  by Dr. Sushal ShanthKumar the Best Shoulder Specialist in Jayanagar, Bangalore:

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