Sports Injuries (Labral Tear of the shoulder)

Sports Injuries (Slap tears)

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How it happens?

A labral tear takes place in the shoulder when you damage the labrum of the shoulder. This excruciating shoulder injury labral tear; involves the ring of cartilage (labrum) that connects with the outside rim of the socket of your shoulder joint. In addition to comforting with the cousin like stuff the shoulder joint, the labrum acts like a rubber seal or gasket to help clench the ball at the top of the shoulder bone securely within your shoulder bone socket. The labrum provides extra support for the shoulder joint. It’s important to keep the shoulder safe while playing in order to stay away from this painful injury.


Main causes of labral tear in shoulder:

Here are the main causes of the labral tear as this painful injury mostly occurs in young boys or kids who are into sports:

  • Labral tear has been seen mostly in accidental fracture.
  • Over played out the shoulder causes such injury.
  • Continual motion of the shoulder causes labral tear in shoulder.

Usual symptoms of labral tear in the shoulder:

  • Shoulder injury can give immense pain and it really gets hard to bear. it’s the main symptom of the shoulder labral tear. The pain gets more deep and achy with time also it usually gives achy back along with it.
  • Shoulder usually gets swollen as the injury occurs.
  • Sometimes it causes numbness in the upper part of the shoulder.
  • Weakness is another symptom of this type of shoulder injury.
  • Strong Bruising.
  • You can usually feel your shoulder is catching, locking or popping.

Treatment of labral tear:

Labral tears can often be treated with good amount of rest, and can be treated well and fast with the counter medications. This shoulder injury can be fixed with a proper physical therapy.


Here are the few FAQ’s about Shoulder Arthroscopy by Dr. Sushal Shanthkumar the Best sports injury specialist in Bangalore, Jayanagar:


SLAP cracks are usually arduous also begins to click in the shoulder. They usually happen due to the harsh movements of arms. It’s regrettable, SLAP cracks don’t rebuild on its own also often may call for surgery so that it can heal in a proper way.

The improvement rely on the number of factors, like what is the location of it, what extent it is serious and how well the surgery has recovered it. It is concluded that it consumes a minimum of four or six weeks by labrum to recover itself to the bone rim, and maybe an extra four or six weeks to strengthen.

If SLAP tears are not handled and cured, it may account to repeating shoulder instabilities and chronic ache and shortcoming.

Preliminary treatments for SLAP are nonsurgical. Backing on the injury, specialists recommend some anti-inflammatory medicines to curtail the aches and swellings, post which the physical exercises are designed as a part of therapy to bolster shoulder and rebuild normal range of hand movements and functioning.