Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Shoulder Osteoarthritis

Shoulder osteoarthritis treatment in Jayanagar – If the shoulder dislocation is left untreated a person can be a victim of shoulder osteoarthritis.

How it happens?

Your risk of developing osteoarthritis of the shoulder with its pain and physical limitations increases with age.If it gets worse it affects everyday things and makes life difficult for you. It’s also called as degenerative joint disease. Which occurs when the cartilage that covers the tops of the bones of the shoulder, it’s termed as (articular cartilage) degenerates or falls off the bone.

Main causes of osteoarthritis in shoulder:

One of the facts about Osteoarthritis is that it most often occurs in people who are over age 50. As with age bone of the shoulder starts getting weak leaving the muscle to shrink and become more prone to this injury.
In younger age people it occurs in people who might have faced trauma, for example including a fractured or dislocated shoulder.
Surprisingly it also may happen to people with a family history as it’s the reason of heredity also.

Usual symptoms of osteoarthritis in the shoulder:

  • Pain is the main key to recognize osteoarthritis to happen in the shoulder of a person. As it creates unbearable pain.
  • A person feels his shoulder to be massively achy while moving his arm slightly too.
  • Another symptom may be a limited range of motion.
  • Moving the shoulder might also generate a clicking or creaking noise coming from the arm and can be considered as osteoarthritis.

Treatment of osteoarthritis:

Shoulder osteoarthritis treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore – If left untreated it plays a role in the development of osteophytes (bone spurs) when the ends of the two bones rub together it creates wounds and cracks in the bone causing the case to get worsened. Resting down the shoulder joint gives the time to heal and allow it to come back to its natural state. Performing range-of-motion exercises also help in recovery in much better way It also requires a great medication.

Here are the few FAQ’s about Shoulder Arthroscopy by Dr. Sushal Shanthkumar the Best Shoulder osteoarthritis treatment doctor in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Some symptoms are:

  1. Most usual indication is the pain in your shoulder.
  2. Circumscribed motion and rigidity of your arms and shoulder.
  3. It is dreadful when you hear and can literally feel some crushing and ticking sound while you move your shoulder.

If the ache is not allowing you to lay down and fall asleep follow some quick and easy tips:

  1. Use a comfortable mattress.
  2. Use correct and proper pillows.
  3. Do some stretches and exercises.
  4. Take some pain killer pills.
  5. Use heat packs to relieve pain.
  6. Research on medications that can be used.

For diagnosing shoulder OA, the doctor may question about the symptoms and medical history if any. During examining they may concentrate on following few points:

  • Stability of muscles
  • How they react for touch
  • how is the movement of muscle
  • any past injuries
  • Any other joints with arthritis symptoms.
  • Crepitus with the hand’s movement
  • Aches in specific positions
  • Swollen or enlarged joints

Post-physical examination, doctors may ask for X-ray scanning. If you really have the OA, They point out and show any variation in bones, the formation of any bone spurs and spacing in joints narrowing.

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