Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation

Best Shoulder Dislocation Treatment in Jayanagar – Owing to the anatomy of the shoulder joint, it is one of the most locomotive joints in the body. But this level of flexibility of the joints makes it more vulnerable to dislocation. During an activity that transmits a powerful impact on the shoulder, there are chances that they get sprained and dislocate from the socket. Shoulder dislocation can stem elicits severe pain. Shoulder dislocation can result from a fall or by colliding with an object or person, mostly during sports.

Shoulder dislocation in the anterior front is the most common kind of all. It occurs when the arm is in a throwing motion and the shoulder slips forward.

A dislocation can be could be of two types

Partial dislocation (Subluxation)– As the name suggests the joint of the shoulder is partially displaced from the socket.

Complete dislocation – The shoulder is completely lifted off from the socket.

Both these type of dislocation instills severe pain and instability in the shoulder. If the degree of damage is more it could also result in broken ligaments and tendons. In the worst cases, the nerves could be severely impaired.

Symptoms of Shoulder Dislocation

  • Inflammation when severely bruised
  • Severe and steady pain at the shoulder joint
  • Inability to move the arm with ease
  • A sensation of sponginess when the shoulder is touched
  • Feeling of the shoulder snapping when engaged in motor activities
  • The affected area experiences a numb tingling feeling


Best Shoulder Dislocation Treatment in Jayanagar – Shoulder dislocation needs immediate medical attention. Pain relievers and ice could be used immediately.But proper medication should be offered after assessing the damage. If left unattended, the condition can worsen and further damage the nerves, ligaments, connective tissue and blood vessels surrounding the shoulder.

Here are the few FAQ’s about Shoulder Arthroscopy by Dr. Sushal ShanthKumar the Best Shoulder dislocation treatment doctor in Jayanagar, Bangalore:

Your daily habits and home countermeasures:

  • Keep your shoulder in a relaxed position. Avoid the re-occurrence of the movements which has led to the shoulder dislocation avoid movements that would expand your pains.
  • Placing the ice pack aids to diminish the sore and ache. The cooling temperature is more preferable than giving warmth to the shoulder.
  • Take some pain killers pills.
  • Be cautious about to what extent you are moving your arms and shoulder.

People who got their shoulder dislocation for the very first time can get back for a play within a few weeks after injury, maybe six weeks after they restore their movements of the shoulder like before.

Once the shoulder dislocates in most of the cases usually leaves the joints of the shoulder unstable. Grievously the surgery carried out is not everlasting and dislocation of shoulder joints may occur again. Follow up is done at intervals of three, six months or one, two or three years post-surgery.

The preliminary treatment one should take is to keep an ice pack on swelling of the shoulder for 20 to 30 minutes every 3-4 hours for continuously 2 or 3 days or even more to reduce the swollen part and ache.

You have likely damaged (stripped or stretched) some of the muscles, ligaments, or tendons of shoulder joint having dislocated shoulder would be severe. It is difficult to even move your shoulder and arms.