Customers' Testimonial

I came with a bad shoulder. got cured in 9 days. thanks to Dr. Ranadip and Dr. Shanthakumar who is a shoulder specialist. Thanks to both of them . Would be very glad to recommend them to friends and family
Sita Narayanaswamy
5 months ago-With immense pleasure I rate 5 stars and recommend anyone looking for specialist in Ortho care. My mother had a complete muscle tear on right shoulder and came to BLR for the treatment all the way from Imphal. Being not a local, it was tough to decide whom do we consult in BLR then I came across Dr Shushal’s name when I looked up on the internet for the best doctor in BLR. He really understood the injury and also made us calm by clearing our anxiety. He very patiently advise what is the injury and whats needs to be done which was to undergo a key hole surgery. He really went out of his comfort to explain/guide/help in hospitals expenditures/insurance/stay and also not to forget the suggestion to complete the pre-surgery test in hospitals in advance so that my mother (patient) doesn’t need to stay at hospital unnecessarily. The surgery was smooth & successful and he also gave the guidance/rehab/physio exercise steps/procedures in detailed which my mother needs to follow up at hometown. My mother is recovering well and much happier person now. Thanking Dr Shushal for his unreserved & wonderful support from day 1 till today
Prakash RK
Doctor Shushal is amazing. He understood my problem carefully and then prescribed me a surgery and also explained me the consequences of the surgery carefully. He took care of everything well for me and gave me timely attention. My physiotherapy was done by Ranadip Banerjee, he was very helpful since day one and helped me achieve my desired goal in the due time. He always pushed me and made sure that I do my level best to lead a normal life. I highly recommend Praxis Ortho Care to anyone.
Ashu Sharma
It is usually desired that you get the best consultation and physiotherapy at one place, so that the review process is easy and well guided. Praxis Ortho Care precisely addresses this ideal desire. With the paramount guidance of Dr.Sushal and the tremendous skills of the physiotherapists, I had a very smooth road to recovery. I had an Arthroscopic Bankart Repair done for my shoulder. I was a little skeptical about the physio part and the pain I might have to go through. But with consistent guidance and a step by step procedure, the physiotherapists at Praxis made my life as easy as it can get. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for Ortho consultation / Physiotherapy in Bangalore.
Kailasnadh Komara