Shoulder Pain – Best Shoulder Pain treatment in Bangalore

Best Shoulder Pain treatment in Bangalore


Best Shoulder Pain Treatment in Bangalore | Dr. Sushal Shanthakumar, the Best Shoulder Pain Specialist in Bangalore says, The winter season is just around the corner and there is no one who cannot get affected by the shoulder pain. This season does not come only with the shoulder pain, but it also brings along cold, flu, joints, muscles, neck and shoulders pain. Some of the people might be of the opinion that this pain is due to the wrong posture, but that cannot be the only reason when the winter season is around. The cold weather can make the situation worse when it comes to shoulder pain. So you have to be extra cautious when it comes to shoulder pain.

How to avoid shoulder pain?

Though there are many tips that can be followed in order to get rid of shoulder pain, but we have come up with the simplest tips that can help you in getting rid of the shoulder pain without taking many efforts but you just have to ensure that whatever you do, you should do it wholeheartedly so that you do not have to regret it later that you did not give in all your efforts. So please keep this in mind before you follow these steps.

Best Shoulder Pain treatment in Bangalore | Praxis Ortho Care

Here are the tips and information about them:

  1. Sleep in proper posture: If you sleep on your stomach and your neck goes on one side then it is bound to feel the pain in the neck or in the shoulder. So you have to ensure that you should sleep on your back by lying still so that it does not pain. Also, this is the ideal position of sleeping and thus it should be followed. If you can bring this posture in your daily routine while sleeping then it would solve all the problems. You would not feel the pain in any of the season and everything would be all right.
  2. Stretching: It is extremely important that in order to avoid shoulder pain, you should go for stretching. With stretching exercise, it would be easy for you to stretch all the muscles and joints. And it would also be helpful in increasing the flow of blood in the muscles and joints. So the best option is that you should do the stretching exercise daily for 15-30 minutes and thus stay away from this shoulder pain always. The possibility of this pain coming back would be very less and your life would be sorted.
  3. Neck exercises: If you want to stay away from the shoulder and neck pain forever then you should surely go for the neck exercises. These neck exercises would be helpful for you in keeping your neck and shoulder in sync with one another and would not let this pain comes back. But they should be in your regular routine so that they can help you in getting rid of the shoulder pain permanently. It would be beneficial for you in the long run and thus it would be a good idea to inculcate this in your daily routine as well. So here are the exercises- You should roll your neck towards back and front for at least 10 times. It would improve the flow of blood in the muscles. Also, you have to roll your neck in 360 degrees in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. You have to push your head in the back direction and should stay still for 30 seconds. This should be repeated for at least 5-10 times. Last but not least, bring your shoulders towards your ears and stay still for 5-6 seconds and then bring them back to the original position. It should also be repeated for 9-10 times.
  4. Use heat pack: Since it is extremely cold outside and this is the reason for your pain so you have to provide the heat to the affected shoulder area. It is extremely important to use the heat break so that the affected area remains heated and thus it should not increase the pain. The shoulder pain can be cured with the use of the heat pack every now and then. But you just have to make it a habit to use the heat pack so that it becomes easy for you to provide heat to the shoulder pain.
  5. Massage with hot oil: It is the best remedy for removing the shoulder pain. The massage with the hot oil would be beneficial for you in getting rid of the shoulder pain. It would be helpful for you in increasing the blood flow in the muscles and in the veins and it would also be helpful in releasing the stiffness in the shoulders and thus curbing the pain. So it is the best remedy for getting rid of the pain and it should be followed regularly so that the pain comes to an end without fail. It is really very beneficial.
  6. Sleep without a pillow: If you are in the habit of sleeping with lots of pillows then it can be a major reason behind the pain in the shoulder. Sleeping with lots of pillows brings a discrepancy in the neck and shoulders and it also puts a lot of pressure on shoulders and thus it should be strictly avoided. You should be in a habit of sleeping without a pillow so that there is proper coordination between your neck and shoulders and thus there should be no pressure on the shoulders. It would be really helpful in staying away from the pain.

At the end…

These tips would be really beneficial for you in getting rid of the shoulder pain. It is very difficult to manage this pain with work and personal lives. People might also laugh due to this paid and most importantly, we would not be able to survive in winters with this pain as it is extremely difficult to do so. So the best option that you have is to follow these steps and get rid of the shoulder pain without taking any much efforts and these tips are really good for other parts of bodies as well.

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